Price Pressure Pushes LED Package Manufacturers Move Towards EMCs

The trend in lowered prices in the LED market has not changed. With LED chip prices expected to drop substantially in the next few years, packaging is also facing pressure to lower costs. According to current LED component costs, package costs make up 60 percent of the overall cost. U.S. DOE estimates that LED package costs will drop 50 percent by 2016. Advantages in Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) lead frames in galvanizing high electrical currents, having UV resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures has draw the attention of package manufacturers.

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Lighting Science Brings LED Lighting for Astronauts to the Living Room


Lighting Science launched Definity Digital™, the world's first line of biologically-corrected lighting with products specifically designed to improve sleep, support natural melatonin production, boost alertness, accelerate plant growth, and protect wildlife. Based on patented LED digital technology developed by Lighting Science for the International Space Station and the U.S. South Pole Station, the revolutionary line of bulbs is both a scientific and technological breakthrough. The light bulbs fit into conventional sockets and provide the same bright white light that consumers expect, but with added health benefits.

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Warmly celebrate COSMOS new English site put into use

led lights application

Warmly celebrate CNCOSMOS LTD new English site put into use, the new website not only provides a new template and it is also a new vision to know the LED products, it has more perfect product information and clear images. It not only show good LED lighting products, but also provide more convenient to switch between pages for customers, meanwhile, it has the download function.
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LED Lighting Fixture for Energy Saving on Project

This week, LED lighting fixture has a greater development in the international and domestic range of LED lighting applications. Philips will upgrade 25 garage LED lamps on Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority; Cree will cooperation with Shenzhen Cosmos to lit Hangzhou Zhijiang Bridge by LED lamps; Chongqing Yubei district installed 5427 units LED street light, compare to the traditional lighting fixture, 50% energy saving.

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority garage

The time, Philips led lighting upgrading for the garage involve 13,000 LED lamps, it can be reduced 68% per year or 15 million kilowatts hours of energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions also will be reduced by 1.1 million metric tons, and provide real-time data. Philips lighting solutions as will be monitored and maintained, the funds will be obtained through energy saving

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